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   Annual Audit 2018-19: Bank Reconciliation    May 21, 2019






Bank Account(s):

(list all bank accounts)                                                                                                   



ADLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL CURRENT ACCOUNT                                                           £9,276.24

ADLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL ALLOTMENTS ACCOUNT                                                      £1,156.44

ADLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL ALLOTMENTS DEPOSITS ACCOUNT                                          £775.00





Less unpresented cheques (list):







Add uncleared payment (list):






Add Petty Cash:





Add Short term Investments (these are interest bearing accounts only,

all investments whose capital value changes over time are long term

investments and must be included in fixed assets):

(note: a market value for investments should be obtained)




Total                                                                                                                         £11,207.68



What is the figure in Box 8 in Section 1 of the Annual Return?                                          £11,207


Does the total equal Box 8 in Section 1 of the Annual Return?                                                 YES


If No, there is an error in this statement, as you must be able to verify the figure in box 8.



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