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   July 2016 Newsletter and Neighbourhood Plan Update    August 1, 2016


Work is still underway towards producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Adlington.  A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of an area and can be a powerful tool in shaping the development of the area.  The Neighbourhood Plan can only apply to the approved Designated Neighbourhood Area, which in this case is the area encompassed by the boundary of Adlington.  Although led by the Parish Council the Neighbourhood Plan will be produced following engagement with the wider community, this is vital to ensure that the Plan genuinely represents the range of requirements in our local area. 

In order to gather views Questionnaires have already been completed by local residents as well as local employers and their employees, the data compiled from these completed questionnaires will be incorporated with other data to inform the neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan shouldn’t be confused with the Cheshire East Local Plan which is the statutory development plan for Cheshire East and covers a range of matters including the number of new homes that are needed and where they should be located; the amount and location of new employment land; protection and improvement of important open areas and provision of new ones; provision of new infrastructure and improvement of town centres and community facilities in the Borough.  The Independent Examination of the Local Plan Strategy will resume in September 2016. 

Whilst the Neighbourhood Plan cannot contradict the Local Plan, it can provide focus at a more local level and, once adopted, has real legal force.

The Parish Council recently received further grant funding towards the costs of producing the Neighbourhood Plan.  This grant funding is being used primarily to fund a consultant to support the work of the group.  Consultant support has been, and continues to be  vital during this process.


Question 2 of the questionnaire which was circulated to local residents was as follows: ‘Bearing in mind that under the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan some development may have to take place in Adlington anyway, can you suggest any sites which you think might be suitable for development for either housing or employment use?’

Before we reach the final stages of the Neighbourhood Plan process we would like to ask again if you know of any sites which you think should be considered.  If you replied to this question before then you don’t need to respond now but if you didn’t you can use this opportunity to do so now. 

Any suggested sites will be assessed using a set methodology, which will be the same for each site. 

You can send any suggestions by 31st August 2016 either by e-mail to: clerk@adlington-pc.org.uk or by post to: Adlington Parish Council, 12 Brownlow Close, Poynton, SK12 1YH.


We want to keep you informed of progress on the Neighbourhood Plan. News and updates will be posted on our website at adlington-pc.org.uk as well as on our noticeboards around the Village.  If you would like any further information, or if you would like to get involved in the plan production please also contact the Clerk (see details above).


The planning application for the Poynton Relief Road is due to be submitted by the end of July.  It has been predicted that once the Relief Road is open there may be an increase in traffic seen on surrounding lanes, including those in Adlington, Pott Shrigley and beyond.  The Parish Council has been working hard to ensure that the planning application includes measures to help to mitigate for the potential increase in traffic on the rural lanes of Adlington and a Working Group made up of local residents canvassed widely and made recommendations which the Parish Council subsequently approved.  Once registered the planning application will be available to view on the Cheshire East Council planning website.  Comments can be submitted online, by e-mail, post or telephone.


This year’s Village Show is being held on Saturday 3rd September at the Village Hall.  Classes for entries include vegetables, flowers, eggs and cakes.  Produce should be brought to the Village Hall at 9am and the Show will be open to the public between 12 noon and 2pm.  More information will be displayed on the Parish Council’s noticeboards and website.  You can also contact James Smith on 01625 829305 for further details.


The Parish Council is now managing the allotments at Meadowside.  The site is fully tenanted and there is a short waiting list.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list please complete an application form which is available on the Parish Council’s website.


The Parish Council has decided on a programme to replace all of its noticeboards which are generally in a poor condition as they are open to the elements. One noticeboard will be replaced each year.  The new noticeboards are made of English oak and feature a hand-carved header and polycarbonate glazed doors.  The first new noticeboard is already in place at the junction of Legh Road and Brookledge Lane.  This noticeboard had locked doors but if you contact the Clerk she can arrange to have your community notices included on the board.  The second board is now on order and will be located on Moggie Lane, having taken feedback on board we have asked that the door on this board can be closed without being locked. 


Residents on Legh Road have been experiencing problems due to the number of cars being  parked there by rail users.  The cars cause these residents difficulties accessing their own driveways as well as making it difficult to drive along the road because of  the line of cars parked all along  one side of the road.  Cheshire East Highways has now acknowledged the problem and will soon consult on a proposed scheme to try to alleviate the problem.  Residents of the Legh Road area are encouraged to respond to this consultation in order to make their views known before a scheme is finalised.


The Parish Council is made up of 10 councillors and the Council usually meets on the second Monday of each month, at 7.45pm in the Village Hall on Mill Lane..  These meetings are open to the public and include a period for public participation.  Meetings are advertised in advance on the Noticeboards and the website. 

The Parish Council’s website can be found at www.adlington-pc.org.uk and includes information about the Council as well as community news and information.  Current planning applications lodged with Cheshire East Council are also  listed along with links to the relevant documents.


The lunches aren’t being held over the Summer but will resume on Wednesday 7th September when all are welcome to the soup lunch each Wednesday between 12.00-2.00pm at the Village Hall, where for £2.50 you can enjoy a bowl of homemade soup, bread roll and a cup of tea.  Whilst at the Village Hall you might also like to take advantage of the Book Exchange which is available to everyone whenever the Village Hall is open.  Simply either borrow a book and return it at your leisure or, if you would like to keep a particular book, replace it with one you no longer want.


Also starting again on Wednesday 7th September this Craft Group meets each Wednesday between 10am-12noon at the Village Hall and all are welcome to attend.  Bring along your knitting, sewing, quilting, patchwork or whatever you are working on, have a coffee and natter away.   If you would like to learn how to knit, or do minor repairs such as stitching on buttons, taking up hems etc, then someone will be able to help you.  If you are interested in joining the Craft Group, please ring Janice Syms on 827220.


Adlington Village Hall underwent extensive refurbishment during 2012 allowing it to thrive as a centre for village activities in Adlington. There is a well equipped kitchen along with a hall and separate meeting room. There is more information on the Village Hall’s own website at: adlingtonvillagehall.org.uk. 







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