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   Neighbourhood Plan Update: Questionnaire Issued    November 7, 2014


Residents are encouraged to complete the short Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire which has been issued with an SAE for ease of return. 

Neighbourhood Plans are a Government initiative which, once adopted, can influence building and development in a Neighbourhood Area by affecting the way planning applications are dealt with. 

Adlington Parish Council has initiated a Neighbourhood Plan because the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan has indicated a requirement for additional housing and employment land to be found within the area of Poynton and Adlington and because of local peoples’ views about the area identified through consultation for the 2009 Parish Plan.  A Neighbourhood Development Plan would allow you as residents of Adlington to have your say as to what the community wants and where it should/could be located. Once formally adopted the Adlington Neighbourhood Development Plan would become a statutory document which would carry significant weight in determining future planning applications. 

Please complete the questionnaire which has been compiled by the Neighbourhood Plan Volunteer Group and is based on the conclusions of the 2009 Adlington Parish Plan.  You should complete one questionnaire per resident.  If you need further copies you can download one via this link.

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