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Where can I find out about Tree Preservation Orders?

Cheshire East Council, in its role as the Local Planning Authority, has a general duty to make appropriate provision for the preservation and planting of trees.  Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) are made by a Local Planning Authority to protect trees which make a significant contribution to the amenity of an area, particularly when they are considered to be under threat. A TPO can specify a single tree, groups of trees, areas and woodlands but not hedges or shrubs.  The Communities and Local Government Office have produced a useful guide about Tree Preservation Order Procedures (PDF, 1.14MB).

The effect of a TPO makes it an offence to damage or destroy, fell, top, lop or uproot the tree(s) covered, without the Local Planning Authority's permission. There are legal powers the Council may use to prosecute offenders.

You can get further details on Tree Preservation Orders at Cheshire East’s Website.